Welcome to RadioKY24

We been on the air sense 2009 started as RadioKKMO out of Chicago, IL then moved the station to Kentucky and changed the name to RadioKY24.  The owner has been broadcasting as a pirate FM station in 1971 in Missouri. 

But in 2019 started the POP station using HQ audio and that is why that station is called the "WAV".  The scheduler was made in house and it might be the only internet station using this process in the world.  All servers won't allow WAV files only MP3 files.  Because that station streams at 128 kilo-bits at AAC+ it can get the high degree of audio response.  For best results use your phone and stream to a Bluetooth connection to another device or your car.

Two other stations streams at regular 128 kilo-bits CD quality.  But the EZ listening also uses WAV files too.